Time for News

Update competition

Dearest members,

We just watched the press conference from our prime-minister as most of you probably did. We just want to try and inform you as much as we can now, but most of the time we know as little as you do.

The government decided that kids under and who are 18 can do sports again, however, we cannot as we only have Ladies teams and the rule includes youth teams. There will be a new update from the government in the week before the 20th of May. In the mean time we’ll be waiting for more updates from the government, KNHB, MHC, UM Sports and MUSST.

The KNHB just announced that all the competition teams will stay in the same divisions as they started the first half of the season. There will be no promotions this year.

We just want to say that we are still proud of our Ladies 4 who were promoted to a higher division after the first half of the season. Keep your heads up and go for it next year! We’re sure you can do it😊

We are currently looking at our financial situation and what it means for the existence of our club.
Furthermore we are planning a GMM soon and will let you know more about that as soon as possible!

We are also still looking for a new board, so let us know if you’re interested!

We hope you are all safe and will stay healthy,

Much love,

The board💚🏑