Privacy Policy

MSHC is responsible for the processing of personal data as set out in this privacy statement.

Privacy Policy MSHC

This is the privacy policy of Maestrichtse Studenten Hockeyclub (MSHC), established in Maastricht.

This privacy policy describes which personal data we process and for which purposes this personal data is used.



1.1 We request (possible) personal data from you if you:

  • Become a member of the Maestrichtse Studenten Hockey Club (MSHC).

1.2 We collect the following (personal) data in this way:

  1. name;
  2. address;
  3. e-mail address;
  4. phone number;
  5. date of birth;
  6. gender;
  7. bank account number;
  8. student number;
  9. KNHB-number.

1.3 We use this data (possibly) to:

  1. effectuate membership and membership records;
  2. to carry out the fee charge;
  3. for information purposes (including the weekly mail);
  4. to invite our members to events.

1.4 Only authorized persons, being the board members of the current board of MSHC, have access to the personal data of the members of the association.


2.1 You can contact us via for:

  1. more information about how we process personal data;
  2. questions regarding this privacy policy;
  3. access to the personal data that we process with regard to you;
  4. objection to the use of your data by us.


3.1 We will only use your data for the purposes stated in this privacy policy and will not store it for longer than necessary. The retention period of the personal data concerns, in accordance with the AVG associations, the duration of the membership and thereafter up to 7 years in accounting, given the legal retention obligation of 7 years with regard to financial administration, but never longer than absolutely necessary.

3.2 All personal data are only stored on computers/servers protected with a login name and password of which only the board members of the board of that academic year are aware of and have access to. In addition, physical data storage is also backed up once a year, which is in the possession of one of the aforementioned board members.

3.3 We as an association have stored the personal data only on computers/servers with security software where both the security software and the operating system are set to automatically retrieve and install updates.

3.4 We as an association do not have paper documents containing personal data. All paper documents with personal details, such as the paper registration forms, are destroyed immediately after digitization.


4.1 We only provide your data to third parties with whom we have entered into a processing agreement. This concerns the following third parties:

  1. MUSST
  3. MHC

4.2 The MUSST and UM-SPORTS use the data to check whether all MSHC members are indeed in possession of a UM-SPORTS card, as this is mandatory to be a member of a student sports association such as MSHC. In addition, the data is also shared with MHC, since the MSHC teams fall under MHC for the KNHB competition; MHC needs this data to register all MSHC members in their team at the KNHB. This information will also be provided during the season by the MHC competition secretariat, which also functions as the MSHC competition secretariat, in order to effectuate the work associated with the competition secretariat.


5.1 In the unlikely event that a breach of our security takes place despite the security measures we have taken, and that breach results in (the likelihood of) significant serious adverse consequences for the protection of your personal data, the Dutch Data Protection Authority will be informed of this.


6.1 You will be notified of any breach of our security if the breach is likely to have adverse consequences for your privacy.


7.1 It may happen that the policy included in this privacy policy is changed in the future, which is done by an ALV (general assembly). During the ALV the changes in the policy will be announced to the members so that they can vote on this.