Time for News

Practices have started! This is what you have to keep in mind!

Dear members,

Last week we started all the practices! We are very happy that it all feels almost back to normal. However, there are some things we want to state clearly as to make the first half of the season even better. It might feel like Covid-19 does not exist during the practice, but it is still out there. Because of this, we would like to ask you to:

  • Keep 1.5-meter distance when possible
  • Do not switch bibs during practice. Either bring shirts in two colours or have one bib during the whole practice!
  • Wash the bibs every week! 
  • Stay home if you have symptoms
  • Check out the website of MHC, the KNHB and ours regularly for updates
  • Be a bit more careful than usual

We hope you will have a blast this season and will see you on the pitch!

Much love,

The board