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Indoor tournament by night: Toekan

Hi everyone,

We just received an invitation from the Student Hockey Association from Utrecht! They are organizing an indoor tournament by night! If you and your friends want to participate, subscribe fast!

“Dear members,

The 29th of Februari 2020 the yearly indoor tournament by night Toecan takes place at U.S.H.C. The subscriptions have opened and it’s going fast! You don’t want to miss this timeless party! However, the more the merrier! The price will be 15 euros per participant including dinner. A team has to consist of at least 8 people and maximum of 15 people. You can subscribe through this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScOKdWRLdF3no90yGZyTRFQHg7WN2ZTtyRCtrHQS0m5Y-X8jg/viewform
and follow us on Instagram: @toecan_ushc.
We hope to see you the 29th!