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A cantus comes from the latin word (cantare) for singing.

The cantus has preasidium containing the president, secretary and pro cantor. These people lead the cantus and are the “heads” of the cantus. They will make sure everyone follows the rules. If you get caught breaking a rule the preasidium can decide to punish you. The punishments can range from drinking a beer to eating a hot pepper.

If you participate in a cantus you will be known as the corona. You receive a booklet with all the songs rules and other information. This is called the codex. Do not lose the codex because you will be punished.

At an MSHC cantus we are a less traditional. We still have some rules with punishments but we do not force anyone into doing something against their will.

The cantus should be fun for everyone and should one of the best night of your life!

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Beerpong tournament:

MSHC organises a beerpong tournament once every semester.
You will battle in team of 4 or 2 against other teams.
There are 2 poules one for the 2 teams and one for the 4 teams.
At the end of the night you can win cool prizes!

PS, you get a pitcher of beer per table per round ๐Ÿ˜‰

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