Time for News

Committees wanted!

Inkom committee

The INKOM committee helps the board with organizing the Dinner of Choice (DoC) and Activity of Choice (AoC). During INKOM we will have a stand on the Sports event, which is the place for us to get as many new teammates as possible. Therefore we want to design new merchandise to get people enthusiastic. The board can also use a hand during the INKOM-week itself! We start meetings somewhere in March and we will meet every other week or once in three weeks.

Activities committee

During the year we try to organize various activities like a beer pong tournament, a cantus and a pub quiz. Those kinds of things are a lot of fun to organize and we could really use your help to come up with new activities and make our current activities even better.

Tournament committee

At the end of the year we organize a tournament. The tournament is for everyone who would like to join, so we sent invitations to everyone: all old and new MSHC members, all student sport associations in Maastricht, to OM (sororities and fraternities), and other student hockey associations across the Netherlands (and maybe other countries).

For this amazing tournament, we need a crew. So if you have experience with organising events or if you want to learn how to organise an event, or if you are just interested in helping out and working together with a few MSHC members on one of our biggest events every year, then this is your time to shine ๐Ÿ™‚ Send us an email and we will form a crew that will help us create this tournament.  

Financial control committee

This committee checks our treasurer two times a year and gives her/him financial advice. You check the estimate that the treasurer made for that year.