Time for News

Blog 8

Dear MSHC members,

as most of you know at the end of the week there is finally the CoBo of the board of 2021-2022! We hope that all of you can make it to societeit de kaap der S.V. Circumflex. The CoBo will start at 20.00 and the first people to arrive will be able to enjoy some free drinks, so be there early! On the other hand, the Pub quiz that was planned for tomorrow evening will be postponed to a later time point, all teams that signed up can either cancel or still participate later. We also want to thank everyone that was able to join the MSHC dinner, it was nice to see everybody enjoy a good meal and nice cocktails. Hopefully, next time more people will show up!

As for the matches, this past Sunday some postponed matches were played by several teams. This Sunday the D3 has played against Oranje-Rood but unfortunately lost 0-1. Also, the D5 had to play against Oranje-Rood and also lost after a strong fight with 5-3. After some struggles, the D7 was able to play against Delta Venlo and kept strong, but unfortunately still lost by 2-1. We hope that all teams will do their best to bring home those points in the last 4 matches of the season. All teams are doing really well and we want to give a mid-season overview of their current ranking:

  • D3 –> 5th place
  • D5 –>5th place
  • D6–> 11th place
  • D7–> 6th place
  • D8 –> 2nd place
  • D9 –> 4th place
  • D10 –> 2nd place

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