Time for News

Blog 6

Dear MSHC members,
First of all, we want to thank everyone that is enjoying some nice special beers after practice. The AC is very thankful that you are coming to their events. Since it has been a success amongst everyone, they are planning more special beer nights for the upcoming week. This means nice beers for a low price every 2-3 weeks on either Tuesday or Thursday evening. The start time is around 22.00 or after practice at the MHC clubhouse.
Besides these nights the AC is organizing an MSHC diner but places are limited, so be quick if you want to join. The MSHC diner will be held at 29-04-2022 at Hotel Brasserie Britannique, Vrijthof 6. The starting time is 19.30 and you are all welcome from 19.00. The dinner will cost €20,- including a 3-course menu and a free drink (beer/wine/soda). The menu includes:


Hollandse Garnalenkroket

1 Hollandse garnalenkroket gesserveerd met gefrituurde peterselie, molenaarsbrood en limoenmayonaise


Pompoensoep with oregano olie en pastiknaak tempura


Main Course

Bacon Burger Deluxe

Vers Blue Belge rundvleesburger met hamburgersaus, bacon, sla, augurk, cheddar, tomaat, ui en verse frites

Maastrichts Zuurvlees

Het klassieke Maastrichtse rundstoofvlees geserveerd met verse frites en salade

Spicy Green Burger

Huisgemaakte  spinazie-linzen burger met mozzarella, gepofte bietensalsa, dragon & harissa mayonnaise en verse frites



Moelleux au Chocolat

Een chocolate lava taartje met zachte chocolade vulling, slagroom & vanillesaus

Bella Limoncello

Huisgemaakte limoncello tiramisu met mascarpone, lange vingers en cacao

*Please inform us about any dietary restrictions*


Today we (D6) won our match against Oranje Rood with 1:0. It was a really fun game with not only good weather but also some (cheering) fans. After a series of lost matches, this game was refreshing, motivating and encouraging. Finally, we could show some of our potential! Now hyped, we‘re looking forward to our next match on Sunday.






Last Sunday we had another matchday of the spring season with some great games and teams bringing home some points. The D5 played in Eindhoven against Don Quishoot but unfortunately lost with 1-2. The D7 did their utmost best against Oranje-Rood on the MHC pitch but lost in the end with 3-4. The D8 did very well again and brought home those points, they played in Eindhoven against Don Quishoot and won with an amazing score of 2-7. The D9 played against Mierlo but didn’t have their best day and lost with 0-5. Last but certainly not least, an amazing score of 0-12 was made by the D10 winning another game this season. We are very proud of all of you ladies and hope you will do even better next week!