Time for News

Blog 5

Dear MSHC members,

Last Sunday many teams have played and some even brought home some points. We are very proud to see all of you fight during the matches. As a special request, we would like to ask you to send in some pictures that are taken before/during/after the match to share here and on social media so we can all promote you and share how proud we are!

To start off the D3 played against HOD and brought home some points with a win of 4-3. Next up, is the D5 who played against Nova but unfortunately lost with 2-6. The D6 didn’t have their best game day and lost with 11-0 against Best. Also this weekend two of our own teams had to play against each other, the D7 played against the D10. During this game, we cheered for both teams. The winning team was the D10, who won 8-1. We are also very proud of the D8 who managed to win from Don Quishoot with 7-2. Last, but certainly not least, the D9 who played against Mierlo. The ladies fought very hard but lost the game 0-5.

Regarding upcoming activities, you all have received an invitation for the CoBo of the current board. The CoBo will be held on 06-05-2022 and starts at 20.00. The CoBo will be held at Sociëteit de Kaap der S.V. Circumflex. We hope to see all of you there to drink a (or more) beer with the board. Disclaimer: This is an MSHC members-only event, other people are welcome on invitation only.