Time for News

Blog 4

Dear MSHC members,

the board wants to thank everybody that showed up for the General Members Meeting the past week. However, not enough people were present to make the votes legally binding. It’s sad to see that most of you didn’t take their chance to vote or assign their vote to someone else. In the upcoming weeks, another GMM will be organized. During this meeting, all votes will be legally binding regardless of the number of votes. If you do care about the future of this amazing sports association then please cast your vote during that meeting.

On a more positive note, we had an amazing match day yesterday with some great successes and a lot of sunshine after a foggy morning. We’ll start with the D3 which played against Delta Venlo and unfortunately couldn’t keep up the fight and lost the match with 1-3. The D5 had to postpone their match and will fight for those points this Thursday. Our ladies from D6 fought against HOD but their opponent was too strong, they lost 0-2. The D7 did very well yesterday against Don Quishoot and brought home those well-deserved points. They won the match 5-2. Not only did the D7 bring home points, but also the D8 did very well yesterday and they won the game against Eindhoven with 5-2 as well. The D9 played a postponed match this Wednesday and managed to keep to gap small, but lost to the stronger opponent Eindhoven with 1-2. This Sunday they fought even harder and managed to keep it a tie with Don Quishoot with a final score of 1-1. Last but not least, the D10 played against their strong opponent Oranje-Rood but managed to keep it a tie and also kept the final score 1-1.

Do you want to highlight your team, send a small text and photo to +31650824908, email info@mshc.nl or send the picture via DM on Instagram.