Time for News

Blog 3

Dear MSHC members,

first of all, we want to address some important announcements this week. We are still looking for some members to sign up (preferably in pairs) to join Inkom 2022 as mentors. This allows you to join all the Inkom activities and parties. This is the best way to get to know new students and show them how amazing MSHC is.

Secondly, the current board is looking for their successors to represent and continue the club we are all proud to be members of. We are looking for a Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The board is organizing board drinks tomorrow evening at 20.00 at the MHC clubhouse. So for everyone that is still doubting if they want to join the board, this is the opportunity to ask some questions get to know the positions and get further information on what it entails.

The most fun part of this week is that the AC is organizing another Special Beers Night! However, before we can enjoy those nice beers we ask you to join the mandatory General Members Meeting. The GMM is planned at 19.30 at the MHC clubhouse, directly after this we can still train or go to drink those beers (official starting time 21.30). We hope to see all of you there. If you are unable to attend you MUST email the board at info@mshc.nl to explain why you are unable to attend. Members who are unable to attend the GMM can empower one member to cast the vote on your behalf. Members are only able to cast one vote of someone else.

As the spring season is in full swing, we want to recap the matches of this weekend.

“Today, we (the D6) had a match against Geldrop D5. Unfortunately, we lost 0:5, however, we fought until the last minute. Welcoming our opponents with 11 players, one of our girls got injured herself after the first 15 minutes. Holding against Geldrop’s pressure and now with only 10 girls we had some nice combinations, however, never finished bringing the ball over the goal line. Playing even with only 9 girls for around 2/4 (because another of our players injured herself) we might not have managed to win this match, but we are looking forward to the next game on Sunday against H.O.D. at 13:00 at home.”

Instagram: @mshcdames4


“This weekend our team (D7) travelled to Heeze for our first away game of the new season and collected our first point! The match ended with no goals (0-0). We, unfortunately, played with 10 people for most of the game following an early injury, so the point was well deserved! See you next week for a home game against Don Quishoot.

Instagram: @mshcdames3


If you also want to highlight your team, send a nice picture of the game with a small text to info@mshc.nl or text it to one of the board members!

Besides the D6, other teams have done their best to take home a win. The D3 played against Delta Venlo and unfortunately did not manage to win the game. The game ended with 3-1 for Delta Venlo. The D5 had to postpone their match against Delta Venlo due to some Covid-19 cases amongst the team members of Delta. The D7 did their almost best to score but did not succeed. However, they did manage to keep it a tie at ended the match with 0-0 against Heeze. Next, two of our teams, the D8 and D9, had to play against each other. Obviously only one could win the game but we cheered for both teams. The winning team was the D8, but it was a close call. The match ended with 4-3 for the D8. Last but certainly not least, the D10 played against Delta Venlo and fought as hard as they did last week. Unfortunately, this was not enough to bring home a win, they lost the game with 0-6.