Time for News

Blog 2

To start, the Activity Committee organized their first big event of the year. After all the lockdowns it was nice to see everybody having a good time. The Beer Pong Tournament was a great success and we had a total of 16 teams fighting for the big prize. The big winner of the night was the group with a very original name: “Team”. The AC wants to thank everybody that participated and made it a great night!

The spring competition season has finally started. They started off with an amazing day full of sunshine and motivation to win! The first matches were played by the D6, D8, and D10. The D6 played against Don Quishoot and ended the game with 0-7. The D8 played against HCAS and brought home a win with 5-1. The D10 played against Don Quishoot and fought till the end, but unfortunately lost with 1-0. In the afternoon the D3, D5, and D7 were up against their opponents. The D3 managed to win against Don Quishoot with 4-1. The D5 unfortunately lost against Delta Venlo with 0-4. The D7 managed to close the gap but not all the way, they lost to Delta Venlo with 3-5. It doesn’t matter if you won or lost the game, we are sure the next game will be even better and a new chance to win!