Time for News

The demise of gentleman 3

Dear members,

we have had a successful first two weeks back on the pitch. We had our first beer night with two really lovely beers, excellent music, and good company. We were glad to see so many new faces ready to start the year actively. For everyone that has not yet signed up, don’t worry you still have the rest of the month to decide to join the best sports association in Maastricht.

*If you decided to become part of one of our competition teams, make sure to sign-up through our website before participating in a match.*

We would also like to inform you about the match results from the past weekend. Our ladies one (D3) managed to keep it exciting till the end of the match resulting in a tie, 3-3, against Delta Venlo. Our ladies 2 (D5) had an amazing first match of the game and brought home a win against Nova (5-1). Our ladies from the D6 had a bit of a struggle during their game and unfortunately lost to Delta Venlo (7-2). The D7 fought very hard against Horst but still lost the game with a minor difference (2-1). The D8 had to postpone their game, so their first match will be this upcoming Sunday. Lastly, we had a very exciting game with two of our own teams. The D9 against the D10. The D10 noticeably hadn’t a great day with missing members on the field. They kept going strong but still lost their match (11-0).

Our men’s team had their first ever game in two years, new faces, motivation and excitement brought them to Venlo. Unfortunately, they also didn’t have enough men on the pitch to stay strong. The first 3/4 were manageable with only 2 goals behind, but the last 15 min were undoable and they ended with 12-0

P.S. We are still looking for trainers for several teams, want to make an extra bit of money send an email to info@mshc.nl

Did you take any nice pics before, during or after your match? Please send them to +31650824908 or contact the PR via email.