Time for News

Blog 12

Dear MSHC members,

with only 1 matchday left for most teams, the end is near of the 2022 spring competition. To celebrate the amazing year we had as a club we want to host an open party on the final competition day (12th of June). During this amazing party, you can all join some free beers and a small snack. This party will officially start at 15.30. However, you are all welcome as of 15.00 at the MHC clubhouse (Discusworp 10). We hope to see you all there to celebrate and drink some beers.

This past Sunday the ladies from the D5 played against a team from MHC and fought till the last second. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough and they lost the match (3-2). Next, two of our own teams played against each other but only one team could bring home those points. The D7 played against the D10, with the winning team the D10 (6-7). The D8 played again a very good match against a team from Don Quishoot and won (3-2).

Some more exciting news, we have 2 teams that still make a shot to win the competition season. These are the ladies from the D8 and the D10. The D8 is 3 points behind but winning the next match can give them a fair chance of still winning the competition season. As well as the D10, they are 2 points behind and winning the next match will automatically make them the winner of the competition season. Both teams have to play on the 12th of June and can use all the support they can get. If they win, this will be celebrated during the end of the season party as well.