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MSHC Pricing

The membership fees of MSHC are the same for Zuyd Hogeschool and Maastricht University students.

If you are from a different University or University of applied sciences the same membership fee applies.


Full year internal competition 90
Half year internal competition70
Full year external competition 130
Half year external competition 90
Full year training €70
Half year training €50
Event only€20

Be aware you are obligated to buy a UM Sports card! You can do this here.
You can also follow our guide on how to buy one and make sure you are a MSHC player, this can be found here.

The membership fees exclude a €25 signup fee, this fee is only for new members


MSHC is a member of the Students Sport Council MUSST. This means you need to have a membership of UM Sports if you want to play hockey at MSHC.

To play hockey at MSHC you are required to have one of the following memberships: 

Sports (regular or semester)
All in one (regular or semester)

More information can be found here.

Note: You get a fine when you do not have a UM Sports card.

Besides the UM Sports card, you need to register to MSHC.

Please note that the membership fee is determined every September, therefore the prices above may differ from what the actual fee will be.

After you have registered you will automatically remain a member until you unsubscribe via the mail before the deadline which will be announced via e-mail. This means that the membership continues and is not automatically cancelled annually.

Still have questions? Send an email to

The MSHC privacy policy can be found here

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