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Yade Graham

President PR committee

PR Committee

Are you passionate about social media and communication? If so, the PR committee of MSHC is perfect for you!

The PR committee is the creative group behind MSHC’s online presence. They handle all social media output, advertisements, as well as promotion of activities and merchendise.

Why should you join? You get a lot of creative freedom, you can develop your communication and marketing skills, develop graphic design skills, as well as collaboratie with great individuals.

Ready to take the lead in promoting this amazing association? Apply now!

Financial Control Committee

The most important committee. This committee checks our treasurer two times a year and gives them financial advice. Additionally, you will check the estimate that the treasurer made for that year and make sure that it’s correct.





Quincy Aitatus

Regular member

Eva Aders






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Activity Committee

Unleash Your Creativity!

Do you have many creative ideas? Do you enjoy organizing and participating in fun activities? If so, the AC of MSHC needs you!

Our AC is a committee dedicated to brainstorming ideas and organizing the best activities for its members.

Why Should You Join?
Unleash your creativity, gain leadership and coordination skills, get involved, and most of all have fun!

Join the Activity Committee of MSHC today!

Bar Committee

Do you have a feel for hospitality and enjoy creating a great atmosphere? If so, the bar committee of MSHC is looking for you!

The bar committee is the heart of the clubhouse. They are responsible for all tasks related to the bar, serving drinks and food at the clubhouse, as well as making sure the bar is left clean and ready for the next day. Additionally, they manage the designated bar at the M.S.V Tragos during MSHC events at their association.

Why should you join? Gain hospitality experience, work in a social setting, learn to work as a team.

Ready to enjoy your student life even more? Apply now and join the bar committee of MSHC!





Geoffrey Walpot


Bar Skills
Drinking GiG

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