About MSHC

Looking for a way to have some competitive fun and stay active? Look no further than the MSHC student field Hockey club!
We have teams that play in competitions and teams that practice regularly, so whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. 

Playing Hockey since2002

We’re a student-run association that provides students with opportunities to play hockey, regardless of their skill level.

We have teams that play in competitions and practice regularly, so you can improve your skills. Plus, we have lots of fun events planned outside of the hockey field, so you can get to know your teammates better.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we have a team for you!

Presenting the 21st board ofMSHC

Dario Strikwerda


Jet Windhorst


Laszlo Esser


Oetse Oltmans

External commissioner

Quincy Aitatus




Activity Committee

During the year we try to organize various activities like a beer pong tournament, a cantus, and a pub quiz. Those kinds of things are a lot of fun to organize and we could really use your help to come up with new activities and make our current activities even better

PR Committee

Do you like to take pictures and social media? We have a PR committee to make sure our socials are filled with awesome content and to take pictures at games and tournaments. 

Financial Control Committee

The most important committee. This committee checks our treasurer two times a year and gives them financial advice. Additionally, you will check the estimate that the treasurer made for that year and make sure that it’s correct.

About us

MSHC is one of the largest student-run sports associations in Maastricht with over 250 members.

We are an association that provides hockey to students by organizing teams for competitions, practices, and events for all of them.

We have a diverse selection of skills levels including competitively skilled players, practice players who just want to have some fun on the field, and people who just want to get out there and try something new!


Practices per year

External comp. teams

Internal comp. teams

Events per year

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