Time for News

Blog 11

Dear MSHC members,

The current board is still looking for new board members for the upcoming season. We stress the importance of new members joining Dario. Alongside our quest for new board members, we are also looking for members to join the INKOM committee and Lustrum Committee. Next year will be our lustrum year and we want to throw the most epic party you have ever seen with great music and a beautiful venue. Please text one of the current board members if you have any questions or are interested in one of the positions or committees.

As far as the match day, the end of the season is almost there. Our ladies 3 played against HCAS and played very well, they ended the game with a tie (1-1). Next, our ladies 6 had a difficult match against Don Quishoot and unfortunately lost (0-7). On the other hand, our ladies from the D7 played against another team of Don Quishoot and managed to win with an impressive 0-6. Another impressive match was played by the ladies from the D8. They played against Eindhoven and won with a massive difference (0-9). Another unfortunate loss from the ladies from D9; they played against Don Quishoot and didn’t get the ball in the goal (0-4). Last but certainly not least, the ladies from the D10 managed to bring home another win with an impressive score (0-8) against Oranje-Rood.